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i make things for web, desktop, mobile and land.

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I am an application developer with a passion for architecture and development workflows.

A proponent of agile practices and Test Driven Development, I have over 12 years experience in developing web, mobile and desktop solutions with numerous companies in the enterprise and entertainment industries including Adobe, THQ, Condé Nast Publications and Motorola.


I just posted the tenth and final article in a series on developing a Test-Driven Application over on my blog. In the process of writing the articles, the series began to show more of the thought process and practice in developing an application using TDD rather than explore any specific library. That said, at points it does go in-depth into the tools I currently use when testing JavaScript-based applications: RequireJS, Jasmine and Sinon.

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I like sharing code. Here are a few open source projects I have started and contributed to.

  • massroute-js:

    A study in JavaScript libraries and frameworks revolved around building a web application displaying real-time MBTA data from MassDOT.

  • duino-lcd:

    Arduino sketches for interactions with a Serial LCD module based on the duino node.js library.

  • scrolltop-overflow:

    Utilities to provide overflow scrolling on mobile without -webkit-overflow-scrolling support.

  • require-expose-plugin:

    expose! RequireJS loader plugin to expose dependencies loaded in a module for ease of stubbing/mocking/spying in unit tests.

  • as3flobile:

    A set of Actionscript 3 components targeting the Flash Player on mobile devices.

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Every once and a while I have some ideas; whether or not they are bright is subjective.

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I have had the esteemed pleasure of being a co-author on some titles alongside some brilliant minds.


I used to remake classic games in Flash. It seems like ages ago, but people still visit for them and I am happily surprised.