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2005 June 27th by todd anderson

i had a life story written of how i started out trying to make games in flash, but i was getting blah blah, so – in short – much credit to tonypa, out of society and Keith Peters for getting my feet wet. online there was very little resources for creating games based on OOP (though steve has some excellent tutorials) so i tried to marry my practices used at work with that of what was available on the internet *mostly in AS1.
plus my mind wonders pretty frequently, so to follow a whole tutorial is hard. i tend to get through about 1/5 of it, stop looking at it, (maybe throw on Heaven Tonight or Trash&Burn), and start trying to incorporate what i learned with what i already know, and get frustrated that nothing is working the way i want (blah blah).
while i was making another game, i started to realize i had gotten “smarter” (all thanks to Keith, Sam and Colby) and thought i throw something up here for anybody that is in the same boat i am – trying to make sense of making games in Flash using OOP principles instead of the timeline and symbol-based functions.

First up: the basic Hero. i only call it the Hero because it reacts to user controls like the keyboard, though i could be proven wrong.

download it here and have a look around.
if any of you have a different approach or any questions, leave a comment. i am terrible at commenting my code so…
and here is a short list of people and sites you should really check out:

andré michelle
out of society
keith peters

maybe i’ll make a bigger list of resources some day.

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