return class; = [type Function] ?

2005 June 28th by todd anderson

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i found something i don’t quite understand today (not that much of a shock) when trying to make a CharacterManager class to control the registration and reference of classes extending a Character class. In short, when i make a new character that a user can use, i just want to create a new class that extends the Character class, go into my main class register it and drop the new character movieclip into the library, brush off my hands give a little grunt and call it a day.
Now i found this odd, but technically i know very little, so i was hoping someone out there might be able to explain it to me.
The way i want this to work is when i register a new character, i say something like this:

__characterManager.registerCharacterClass(MyNewCharacterClass, “class name”);

  • where __characterManager is the singleton

….(in Character Manager)

    public function registerCharacterClass(classToAdd, classNameStr)  


        __classList[ classNameStr ] = classToAdd;  

  • and then when i want to retrive that class when i create a new character i say:


     Application.addCharacter(”class name”, “symbol linkage id”, “instance name”);  


     function addCharacter(classNameStr, clipID, name)  


          var characterClass:Character =  


          var character:Character = characterClass.create(clipID, name);  

  • what i had in the CharacterManager class before i found the reason why i’m asking this question is this:
    public function getCharacterClassByName(classNameStr):Character  


        return __classList[ classNameStr ];  

  • but that always returned the [type Function]- never a reference to the class i was trying to get.
    So i peeked into the CommandTemplate class within the ariaware package, and noticed how they did it.
    Using this:

return new __classList classNameStr;

Now this makes sense to me, since when you create an instance of a class you use new most of the time. But i guess i’m wondering why it would return [type Function] before, and not even [object Object], or something else. and if this is always true, can i not create a Singleton from here, or should i make a CharacterSingletonManager class and return __classList[ classNameStr].getInstance(); ?
The answer is probably simple and can be summed up in one line, and here i write a novel out of a question.. but oh well.

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