2005 August 12th by todd anderson

In what little spare time i have, i upset my girlfriend by drooling over my keyboard- feverishly trying to build Flash versions of a some of my favorite arcade classics. (emphasis on trying, there).

Three big posts (among the many great ones) and a site that have me just itching to get my hands on Flash 8:

– gSkinner on Flash 8: Shape Based Collision Detection

– Darron Schall on Maximizing BitmapData.setPixel performance

– André Michelle’s 8ball lab

… and just for my future reference, although i’m pretty sure this is burned into my brain already- Franto’s list

This new Bitmap API just sets my mind reeling… as i’ve confessed to many, my head is about to explode from wanting to dive into the possibilities. And gSkinner’s blog about shape collision detection… wow.

i can’t wait.

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