No Direction Home.

2005 September 26th by todd anderson

My mom had some LP’s lying around, played them in the living room while cooking dinner. My best friend Tim Costello wouldn’t let me in a word edge-wise when he started talking about _Blonde on Blonde _at the age of 15. I wore out every cassette i had of his in my son-appropriated, mom’s old ‘87 grand-am that ran like squirrels were kicking the fan-belt. I’m a huge fan. Books upon records upon memories upon making me believe i know who i am.
Backed by Martin Scorsese (director of The Last Waltz starring the Band – another huge influence on me -), the first part of the two-part series No Direction Home on PBS has just finished, which prompted me throwing on the LP’s i stole from my mom over scattered visits home.
Still fresh. Still harrowing. Still hopeful. Still making me wish i didn’t talk about Bob Dylan like some cliche’d Bob Dylan fan… ah, well.

Now if we can only get some coverage of Jim Croce

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