An ImagesLoader in AS3

2006 April 28th by todd anderson

[Edit: Files have been updated for Flex2_beta3]

You can view ( although it’s pretty unexciting visually ) and download the source here.;)

My first ‘real’ dabbling in AS3 was to tackle a port of my ImagesLoader classes from Flash8.
I’ve been using the ImagesLoader, or at least one of the buffer classes, in all of my personal projects since i created it – which is styled after Andrew Davison’s ImagesLoader – and find it extremely convenient. i hope if anyone has downloaded the classes and used them, they found it so as well. If not, i’m up for any criticism you may have.

Patrick Mineault had mentioned loading more than one file within the ImageLoaderQueue class ( which is mainly used in the MultiBuffer ), but i didn’t get around to it. Mainly because i’d have to have multiple instances of the ImageLoader in the queue… and i’m being lazy :)
If someone’s got a different take on that, i’d be glad to hear it.

I think it works pretty well right now, but i may go back in and flesh out the BufferEvent to handle event parameters as Darron Schall explains here. Right now a buffer queue just calls back to it’s instance of ImageLoader after an event and grabs any data needed… not sure how i feel about that…

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