Flex 4 Cookbook Coming Soon!

2010 March 24th by todd anderson

Flex 4 CookbookFollowing the announcement of the Flex 4 SDK release, i thought i would mention a little something about a publication i have had the pleasure to be apart of (again! Big ups to Josh). The Flex 4 Cookbook from O’Reilly Media is expected to be dropped on May 15th 2010 and you can pre-order yours (and your loved one’s) today.

With the paradigm shifts in architecture from Flex 3 to Flex 4, the Flex 4 Cookbook is hardly an ‘updated’ version of the last. I had the pleasure i’ve diving deeper into the new SDK along side some extremely talented folks. Josh and I snagged Garth Braithwaite (of InsideRIA and Flash Community fame) and forced asked him to contribute his knowledge and expertise and we also snatched up David Tucker, Rich Tretola and Marco Casario of the Adobe AIR 1.5 Cookbook and dedicated a few chapters to Adobe AIR 2.0.

What could come of such a stellar line-up? More pages of writing than can be published that has been gratefully edited down to coherent sentences by the O’Reilly publishing team. And maybe a few laughs.

This is a huge step in the Flex 4 SDK and, in my opinion, a much needed step and the correct vision of the future of development for the Flash Platform. The Flex 4 engineers did an amazing job and i highly recommend downloading the SDK and playing around. The separation of responsibilities within the new Spark component architecture is a huge boost in my workflow and a stellar achievement.

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