Listen, Ma! I’m on RIARadio

2010 May 26th by todd anderson

I had the great pleasure to be interviewed on RIARadio and be in the company of Garth Braithwaite, Stacey Mulcahy, Leif Wells and Josh (oooahhh) Noble. Thanks for having me on! I had a great time and i sound pretty good in the reverse auto-tune affect that Garth put on my voice so as to sound like a nasally jersey kid.

You can listen to the podcast up on InsideRIA -> RIARadio Episode 15: Flex 4 Cookbook.

ps. If you listen and are confused as to what Josh looks like, here is a picture of him ->
Joshoooaahhh Noble
That’s him on the shark… obviously, someone shopped in the grenade launcher but a nice picture of him from his good side, nonetheless. So if you see him at FlashBelt, say hello for me!

pps. Flex 4 Cookbook is dropping soon! go pick up a copy and read it with a loved one on Memorial Day.

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