as3flobile on the iPhone

2010 September 13th by todd anderson

as3flobile is a set of ActionScript 3 components targeting the Flash Player on Mobile Devices, whether it be embedded in the browser or in an Adobe AIR application. You find out more about the project at

What with the latest breaking news on rollback of restrictions for iOS application submissions, i decided to set some time to drop the as3flobile components into an AIR app and publish with the pfi. They work great and actually are quite a bit more responsive (go figure!) in regards to both animation and touch response (due to hardware i suppose).

The as3flobile project actually started out as a way to play around with Flash on the iPhone, but shifted to a suite a components targeting mobile devices that supported the Flash Player in browser (i forget why the focused changed ;) ). In any event, i just wanted to write a quick post that, yes, you can use as3flobile components in an AIR application on Android and now iOS… (well, i guess it was always possible, just never a strong possibility that anyone would be able to see it unless you added them to your provision :) ).

If you are interested, the as3flobile project is available on github, so check it out.

Here’s also a great refresher post on the PFI by Christian Cantrell.

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