Flash And The City: jQuery Mobile

2011 June 15th by todd anderson

Over the past weekend, I had the great pleasure to attend and present at Flash And The City in NYC. I want to thank Elad and Jose for putting on an excellent conference and giving me an opportunity to present.

Download Source + Presentation

The talk was about the jQuery Mobile framework and was sort of a nuts and bolts overview of what the framework has to offer and its foundation on the principal of Progressive Enhancement. Thanks to all who made it out. I really appreciate it and hopefully it was worth taking you away from the beautiful city for a little bit.

jQuery Mobile: Progressive Enhancement with HTML5

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You can also check out a loose transcript of what i may have said here: jQuery Mobile: Progressive Enhancement with HTML5 [FATC 2011] transcript. [Warning - its a PDF]

There were more slides than the time allotted and I didn’t want to keep those who were nice enough to attend from exploring the city by watching me ramble on over my time limit. So i can’t guarantee that the transcript was true to the presentation; it was more of a rough draft of my thoughts on the slides.

All the demo source code and a PDF of the slide-deck can be downloaded here as well:
Download Source + Presentation

Thanks again to everyone who came out and to Elad and Jose for putting on another great Flash And The City conference!

Link dump of what i may have mentioned and what is in the slides:

Flash And The City
jQuery Mobile
jQuery Mobile A-Grade browser support
Progressive Enhancement
Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
jQuery Mobile: 960
FamFamFam icons
jQuery UI Theme Roller
Introduction to WAI ARIA by Gez Lemon
Presentation by Scott Jehl of the Filament Group (specifically the Screen Reader demo)
Web-App Meta
HTML5 cache.manifest
Adobe AIR
Making the most of StageWebView by Sean Voisen
me on twitter

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