oh stop it… you shouldn’t have

2005 September 8th by Administrator

what can i say. the online gaming automated spam commenter loves my site! really, i thought my blog was mediocre at best, but the ego boost from a faceless internet nomad has brightened my day. i’ve seen it on other blogs and they just tell me to play, Play, PLAY; but my web-oriented flier-under-the-wiper “readers” … they like me… the really like me!
finally something gets me. Thank you Gioco Texas holdem (can i call you GTH’em?), you’re very flattering- glad you like the blog! and really, ‘Texas hold’em en ligne’… i try my best, but thank you!
i might keep the comments up for another day or two, just until my strut starts hurting my knee.

[Edit 9-16-05(i have removed the wonderful comments... the rain today aggrevated the old leg-bender)]

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