what’d you say?

2005 September 15th by todd anderson

just got back from the Makers show at great scott. holy smokes.
first off, the great scott is an excellent place. second off, the second opening band Rock n’ Roll Soldiers were pretty damn good.

that said, the night started off with my girlfriend making fun of me because i said hello ( according to her ) like some star-struck groupie to Donny ( Virgo ) Maker and made small talk.
later i got to meet more of the band when i introduced myself and they asked me where a guitar player for the Makers would likely disappear to while in Allston, massachusetts … because he had gone missing and was still a no-show ten minutes before they went on. i wished them the best in finding him ( like a star-struck groupie ) and told them there were a few bars ( where the ‘ladies’ go ) down the road.
a little bit later, he (Jamie the guitarist ) showed up and they went on.

they played like they were in front of a crowd of a hundred and didn’t need any of us, but wanted us. there was about a good twenty of us there…
now that’s rock.

The stage presence Mike Maker has is inexplicable, and seen when they play in the northwest is amazing. when seen over on the other side where they are largely unknown, it is astounding. he commands the stage, letting not even the rats look away.
i hope the rest of the tour goes well, and i hope to see them back here soon.

if you are interested in learning more about the Makers, visit your local library … and for ( in my opinion ) a good introductary album ‘Rock Star God’.
don’t stop there.

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