non-existant 8ball hopefuls… but i ain’t complaining!

2005 September 16th by todd anderson

first off, let me say that i am in no way unhappy with flash8. i’m posting this in the hopes that someone can give me more explanation as to why these are problematic, or – hopefully – supply a work around.

two things i would have liked to see some change in:

  1. Player 8 performance in a browser.
  2. Replacing symbols between documents through copy-paste in the IDE.

  3. running a simple in-no-way-indepth test of the dropping frame rate of the new player in a browser using just a file with only the JFPS component on the stage, it pretty much adhered to the same study emllabs ran in july of last year on player7.
    i still have to develop games with 33 fps, and publish with 50fps to be viewed at around 33fps when in a browser.

  4. if anyone has copy-and-pasted a symbol from one document’s library to another or is running a JSFL script to do such to a batch of files, they may have come across the old alert “One or more library items already exist in the document” presenting a critical ( not really… you can most times undo ) decision to replace the existing item(s).
    I really wish that presented a check list of library items that have conflicting symbol names ( replace these symbols, but not those – or cancel and change ). sure you can run a command that can present a list of symbol names that are the same between documents ( change a name here or drop in a different folder there ), but what if you’re running through numerous documents that are not structured the same ( or at all ) and you might want to replace Bimap53.png in one document, but not in another where you want to replace the symbol “generic_mc” AND NOT Bitmap53.png… if you’ve pressed “replace” – or worse pressed “replace” for a couple of documents out of many run through a JSFL script that opens>pastes>saves>publishes>closes> – in confidence and realized when you view the movie that nothing works anymore… you know what i mean.

that said, these perform the same as before… nothing new here… and there are a lot of new things that need to be explored with Flash8!

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