AS3 follow up

2005 October 20th by todd anderson

After studying over some great AS3 examples by Ralf Bokelberg and Kevin Luck , and running through the AS3 documentation

i eventually drummed up an AS3 representation of my first Flash8 BitmapData experiment. Whether or not it’s the best solution ( or necessarily a good one ), i thought i’d throw up the source here for any one to comment or question.
it’s very simple and probably could use some refactoring.
Basically, what i was contemplating about the removal of attachBitmap and the subsequent use of copyPixels method is resolved in this example by using copyPixels on a source bitmap and storing those in a states array. I then pass along those states, and dependent on the user interaction, employ drawRect on the graphic layer.

one thing i noticed – pressing anywhere in the embedded movie to enable keyboard events (as it is in previous flash players), did not draw that focus in 8.5 – at least i think. To get around it i had to create a sprite the size of the stage and listen for a MOUSE_DOWN event to set the focus again. If anyone’s got some thought on this, please leave a comment.

you can find the source here.

i’d also like to point out another great collection of AS3 resources made possible by franto:

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