Keith Peters’ Actionscript Animation

2005 November 6th by todd anderson

My copy arrived on Friday as well . I wanted to skip straight to the 3d and particle chapters, pour a big cup of coffee, shove my chair into the worn holes in my floor and start coding… however, i had to pack it on the top of my bag and head out the door as i was going to be away from my computer for the weekend.
To deter myself from staring blankly at people talking while i thought about 3d in flash, i decided to read from the beginning and have a nice refresher during my travels – and i’m glad i did.
Making Things Move is written in a manner that is not only understandable and welcoming, but provides formulas that are well defined – explaining both the concepts of why they work and how they apply to Flash.
Now, after accepting i wasn’t going to talk to anyone on the train home, I read a little into the 3d chapter and am excited to be back and have it open on my desk.

To sum it up… go pick up this book.

To draw it out… go pick up this book now. The formula summary for each chapter and the Tips and Tricks Section is enough to make this an essential reference book for Flash Animation, but the explanations of the concepts behind them in each chapter make this an essential book to have in my library.

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