2007 January 12th by todd anderson

First off… best new years ever – Amsterdam. Beautiful city. Would move there in a New York minute…

What will come of this new year? I’ve been insanely busy with work and my wonderful family. I’ve also been mulling over what i want to look back on come this time 2008. I’ve been wanting to sink my teeth into something for a little while now, and am proud of my personal and professional work of 2006, but i’m stumbling around wanting something that will click. Truthfully i should just shut my mind off, spin some records and code.

I got heavily into Red5 prior to the new year and was having a blast. It actually led into working more with Java and Flex – which makes Red5 a gateway drug – but I don’t want to show anything because i’m too much of a perfectionist and i don’t think it’s quite right… bah. Got a MAKE Controller for the holidays, and only just two days ago set it up… hopefully more will come of that – big ups to Josh Noble who’s gonna hear my incessant questions.

I dunno. I’m just searching for something… and part of it probably has to do with experiencing a new culture and the passing of someone i held dear to my heart and thought the world of.

Now i’m gonna shut up and spin some records.

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