Beer list – Amsterdam new years.

2007 January 15th by todd anderson

I was sending around an email of the wife and i’s comprised beer tasting list while we were in Amsterdam, and thought i’d post it here, as well- for people who love beer or think we’ve made a mistake on our ruling.

Here it goes:

Strongbow :: 0 stars – 1st beer tasted off the plane! Stay away… stay far away! no stars. didn’t deter our spirits.

Hertog Jan. Prestige. :: 4 stars! 2nd beer… and tasted at a later date to confirm. Oh. like sitting on a rainbow. Excellent. Dark, welcoming.

LaChouffe :: 3 1/2 stars. Wonderful blonde beer that screams welcome to Amsterdam. On tap, also, at our local Boston pub. Visit, damn you.

Witbier :: 2 stars. Translates into White beer. I’ve never been fond. Carrie ordered it… sucker!

Westmalle Dubbel :: 3 stars. No comments left in our book. Either it was late or just tasted damn good.

Palm Dubbel :: 2 1/2 stars. This is on tap in a lot of bars in Amsterdam. Had to try it. It’s good, darn good. But there were too many better choices.

BockRos :: 3 stars. Served from the brewery of ‘De Bekeerde Suster’, of which the resteraunt we ate at 2 times. Excellent homebrew. Dark and slightly red.

Dommelsch :: 2 stars. Can be found in most bars in Amsterdam. Okay. Your basic Pilsner.

Affligem Dubbel :: 3 1/2 . Oh, Affligem. Like a welcoming hug, i say, hello, friend… a game of hopscotch? Excellent.

LaChouffe N’Ice :: 4 stars! If you see this on tap, do not look farther down the line… say yes, then ‘gimme’. Then sigh. Ah. LaChouffe, did God make you?

Gulpener :: 2 1/2 stars. Seen at most bars, like Dommelsch and Palm. It’s a pilsner. If you only have those three choices… Gulpener it is!

Zatte :: 2 stars. This was a toss up. Personally we didn’t like it. Citrusy, but not sweet. We could see how if someone likes citrus beer, this would be key. Stars variable.

Heinekken :: 2 stars! Normally this would get 1 star state-side, but it seriously tastes better over there. Not as skunky. Go figure… still if anything else is on tap, get it.

Grolsch :: 2 stars. Tastes like state-side grolsch. Good. If nothing, or heinekken is left in the cooler, grab this.

Affligem Blonde :: 3 strars. See above affligem.. instead of hopscotch – jumprope.

BlondeRos :: 2 1/2 stars. Another selection from ‘De Bekeerde Suster’ ( see BockRos ), but we like darker beers. It’s good, but if Ros is on tap…

Venloosch Alt :: 1 star. This is weird. It may have tasted good if it didn’t taste flat. Maybe it wasn’t flat… we just don’t know.

Lindebloom :: 1 star. I took a HUGE dump in this bar, cause i couldn’t wait to get to our favorite bar. And the bathroom was seriously the size of a freaking phone booth. Couldn’t even sit on the pot. But lord it was a relief. Anyway, i ordered this. Wasn’t good. Like the logo though.

Amstel Bock :: 2 stars. Our last night cap. Was freaking amazing to have, but didn’t taste as good as many others. Definitely better than amstel though!

Time between the Venloosch/Lindebloom incedent and Amstel Bock was @ two days, so we didn’t end on a bad note. We certainly headed back to where we knew LaChouffe, Affligem and Hertog Jan were flowing… Can’t wait to go back.

If you get a chance, please see what you can do to get to Amsterdam.

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