Wrox AIR Instant Results book

2007 August 3rd by todd anderson

The cat’s outta the bag… and threw up on the middle of the cover. If for some insane reason you have been wondering about the lack of posts, i have been saving my mastery of the english language to co-author a book on AIR.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside Marc and Matt to produce a ‘by example’ book on AIR that we hope people will enjoy reading as much as we have writing it. Matt took the words out of my mouth, but with any new technology there is always the jazz of it’s potential and then the questioning of its practicality. I can say for certain, after having worked with it for the past several months, that AIR is the next generation in desktop software development.

The Wrox Instant Results series walks you through building applications while learning the platform API, and this is no different. We have assembled a dozen examples that you can walk away from and use as well as expand upon. As the book progesses, you build on your knowledge from previous chapters and learn new aspects of the API. With a general knowledge of Flex and basic understanding of OOP, anyone can jump into this book and take off running with their own ideas.

Also available from Wiley Wrox is Professional AIR by the esteemed Chuck Freedman, mister Keith Peters, Clint Modien, Ben Lucyk, and Ryan Manning.

Wrox AIR Instant Results

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