Looking back and looking forward

2008 February 24th by todd anderson

For those of you that still follow this blog, you may have noticed that i have not been too knee-deep in blogging. A measly 5 posts ago, i rambled on about what 2007 might bring. Needless to say it had kept me pretty busy – and for all good reason. I have had the opportunity to work alongside some unbelievably talented people and be a part of two amazing books focused on Adobe AIR and Flex 3 that will be hitting shelves soon. I also accepted a position at Infrared5 and am looking forward to working with some of the most insane and brilliant minds in the industry.

AIR Create-Modify-Reuse
Marc Leuchner and Matt Wright (of NoBien fame) and I have been burning the midnight oil to deliver an exciting book on Adobe AIR – AIR Create-Reuse-Modify from Wiley Wrox press. Each chapter walks through building applications as you learn about the AIR API. We had a lot of fun architecting and writing about each application that highlights specific facets of the platform and hope it is as much fun to read. Adobe AIR and the API is part of the Flex 3 SDK, which might be coming out soon

Flex 3 cookbook
Well, i didn’t stop at discussing one part of the Flex 3 SDK and also was asked by Josh Noble to be a co-author for the Flex 3 Cookbook from the O’Reilly press. We’ve gathered the submissions from the Adobe online cookbook and Josh has been steering the cookbook ship to greatness. If you are unfamiliar with the O’Reilly cookbook format, the book is designed to present hundreds of ‘recipes’ aimed at solving programming problems. I have had the extreme pleasure to write about parts of the Flex API that i love and believe to be essential to RIAs developed using the Flash Platform.

If writing didn’t keep me busy enough, I worked with some amazing people while building applications that stretched the possibilities of what online and desktop applications built in Flex can do. Along the way i learned more about the business, some agile practices (which i hope to write about some) and how to have fun and love what i do. It is an amazing thing.

I also have had the opportunity to join the Infrared5 team and could not be happier. Infrared5 is a consulting company started by Chris Allen, Rebecca Allen and Dominick Accattato focused on architecting applications using the Flash Platform and Red5 Server technologies. Keith summed it up pretty well in this post. I am honored to be in company with some of the brightest minds in the field that keep me laughing throughout the day. Once I stop breaking things around the office, i can settle in and learn something :)

All in all, 2007 was a great year and i am making out 2008 to be even better. Here’s to posting more!

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