Flex 4 and Runtime style sheets

2010 October 20th by todd anderson

I just put up some files on github under the project name flex-runtime-css. Perhaps it is a misnomer if people are coming to see how to load and parse CSS files (there’s already the great F*CSS library out there for that). The flex-runtime-css project is intended to address a problem i saw when generating a Runtime CSS SWF to be loaded in a Flex Application.

Sometimes a project calls for loading in CSS at runtime rather than compiling the style sheets in. Often enough this is due to a project requirement to have dynamic styling/skinning based on separate client vendors, yadda-yadda. To generate these Runtime CSS SWF files i use the Adobe MXMLC compiler tool from the Flex SDK. If you are unfamiliar about how to generate a CSS SWF or how to load in the SWF at runtime for style declarations, you can visit the the Adobe live docs on the subject at http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/help.html?content=styles_10.html.

The problem i was running is that the default flex-config used by the MXMLC tool in Flex 4 now links against several RSLs. I won’t go into a discussion of RSLs, but the reason for this is lower application size. That’s great for an application, but unnecessary when generating a CSS SWF. In fact, if you generated a CSS SWF using the default flex-config via the following command:

> mxmlc MyStyle.css

… your generated CSS SWf file will request those RSLs when loaded into the application via the StyleManager. Unnecessary overhead as they those RSLs are already in the application domain and the request becomes moot.

So, long story long, flex-runtime-css intends to address this issue by providing a custom configuration that does away with the RSL linking and externally compiles against the framework libraries. A CSS SWF can be generated using the flex-runtime-css files and ANT. If you use the flex-runtime-css you will need to update the build.properties file included in the project to point to the Flex SDK and file resources on your local disk.

flex-runtime-css on github.

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